Ghana Climate Innovation Centre To Host The 5th Annual Incubating Climate Innovation Symposium

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The Ghana Climate Innovation Centre’s annual thought leadership symposium, Incubating Climate Innovation, will be held at the Movenpick Hotel on the 15th of June 2023.  In its fifth year of operation, Incubating Climate Innovation 2023 is being convened under the theme: ‘Building a Resilient Green Economy in Ghana – Policy Partnerships And Finance’. 

Financing for green, climate-responsive small and medium sized enterprises is limited.  Yet, creating and building long-term economic and societal value through sustainable investment, banking, and lending is crucial for a developing economy such as Ghana.  The enquiry of Incubating Climate Innovation 2023 is whether current financial models, products, and impact investment models in Ghana can foster the transition to a robust low carbon economy.  It is our posit at the Ghana Climate Innovation Centre (GCIC) that there are significant investment opportunities within the transition to a low carbon economy.  Boosting green finance can significantly reduce climate risks and catalyze investments to address climate impacts. 

Ghana can successfully pursue its development objectives while considering the challenges of climate change and the opportunities from the transition.  The country has made determined, ambitious, climate commitments.  Notwithstanding, stronger institutional coordination across MMDAs is needed, as are fiscal, legal, and regulatory reforms that can strengthen the transition to low carbon pathways and attract private sector finance and investments.  

This year’s 5th annual Incubating Climate Innovation symposium has been structured to engage policy makers, donors, financial institutions, and climate entrepreneurs especially on the issues of green finance, sustainable finance, and its policy underpinnings.  Through keynote deliveries, panels and Q&A sessions, our practiced invited speakers will offer their unique perspective and insights through discussions and deliberations that will focus on critical issues on: 

  • Fostering sustainable, resilient, and green economic growth in Ghana: exploring the macroeconomic variables to shape our future. 
  • Policy for a Green Economy: Strengthening governance mechanisms, policy incentives, and legal frameworks to address climate change and promote greener, more sustainable economic development. 
  • Sustainable Finance: Emphasizing the creation of long-term economic and societal value through sustainable investment, banking, and lending practices. 
  • Exploring the potential of current financial models, product development, and impact investment models in building a robust low-carbon economy in Ghana. 

 #IncubatingClimateInnovation2023 also aims to foster widespread engagement by leveraging the media community and focused public relations efforts. 

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