ICI 2024

“Catalyzing Climate Innovation: From Ideas to Impact”, is more than a symposium—it is a catalyst for redefining success in the climate adaptation space, inspiring collaboration, and driving tangible outcomes.

In Ghana, climate change poses significant threats to livelihoods, agriculture, water resources, and biodiversity, with projected increases in temperature and changes in precipitation patterns exacerbating existing vulnerabilities. In the face of escalating climate challenges, success is no longer defined solely by the implementation of individual projects or initiatives but by the collective impact and resilience achieved across communities, industries, and ecosystems.

This symposium serves as a pivotal platform for stakeholders to converge, collaborate, and chart a course towards transformative success in climate adaptation within the Ghanaian context. With approximately 70% of Ghanaians engaged in agriculture, success in climate adaptation hinges on building resilience in this sector, enhancing water resource management, and fostering innovation in renewable energy and sustainable land use practices.

By fostering dialogue among policymakers, researchers, entrepreneurs, and community leaders, the symposium aims to redefine success in climate adaptation as a holistic and inclusive endeavour. Success is measured by the extent to which we contribute to building resilient communities, protecting vulnerable populations, and safeguarding ecosystems. By collectively envisioning and striving towards a shared vision of success, stakeholders will catalyze transformative change and accelerate progress towards a more resilient and sustainable future.

Industry Dialogue:

It will bring together industry experts, thought leaders and practitioners to debate, share experiences, and propose new ideas and solutions.

Plenary Sessions:

The symposium will feature speeches and panels from Tech Entrepreneurs, Executives, Investors, Industry Leaders, Policymakers, and Innovators.

Alumni Exhibitions:

An exclusive platform for the exhibition of climate focused market products and services.

Network Opportunities:

A platform for attendees to connect, exchange ideas, and explore potential collaborations and partnerships.

ICI 2023

Policy should be a driving force in promoting the adoption of sustainable finance.
Financial institutions should prioritize environmental and societal value alongside profit maximization.
Enhancing affordable energy through renewable sources is vital for accelerating the transition to a low-carbon economy.
Implementing the D.E.P.T.H. approach: Promoting diversified exports and production; Enhancing export competitiveness. Stimulating productivity growth across all sectors; Encouraging technology and innovation. Improving human wellbeing.

ICI 2024

Leaving No One Behind

Explore the intersectionality of climate change and social justice and discuss strategies for ensuring that climate solutions are inclusive and equitable.

Investing in Climate Solutions – Mobilizing Capital for Impact

The role of investors in funding climate-focused startups and scaling climate solutions. Successful fundraising and the impact of donor support in accelerating climate innovation.

From Vision to Reality – Incubating Climate Solutions

The dialogue seeks to explore the journey of incubating climate solutions, from conceptualization to implementation. We aim to delve into the strategic considerations, challenges, and opportunities involved in translating visionary ideas into tangible climate solutions that make a meaningful impact.

Building Resilience – Overcoming Challenges in Climate Entrepreneurship.

The panel discussion is to examine the challenges faced by climate entrepreneurs and explore strategies for building resilience in the face of adversity. We will highlight innovative approaches, best practices, and lessons learned from real-world experiences to empower climate entrepreneurs in navigating the complexities of the entrepreneurial journey.




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